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"I can't believe you would do such a thing! Robots were created to help humans!"
—Dr. Kawashimo after being told that Jetter Mars was for war purposes

About the character

Doctor Kawashimo (川下博士 Kawashimo Hakase): is Mars co-creator who has created his electronic brain, prior to Mars creation, he had created a robot girl called Miri who serves as his daughter.


Dr. Yamanoue was unable to create a reliable AI for his robot model, so he was forced to request help from his friend Dr. Kawashimo to create an artificial brain which was used in the creation of Mars who is a prototype for a new line of robots for warfare.

Dr. Kawashimo often had arguments and fightings with Dr. Yamanoue about how Mars should be educated.

While Dr. Yamanoue wishes to use Mars for warfare, Dr. Kawashimo desired Mars to live a life of good purpose and peace.

He later becomes Mars surrogate father after Dr. Yamanoue's death and later creates Melchi as a baby brother for him.