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—Melchi exclaiming his catchphrase "Bakaruchi!"

About the character

Melchi (メルチ Meruchi) is Mars' baby brother. His design is that of a baby of unknown age. Melchi is playful and careless, though this leads Melchi into causing a lot of trouble, as Melchi is shown to enjoy destroying things! He also often utters a word he made up called Bakaruchi (バカルチ)

Melchi's design is reminiscent of the Astro Boy character Chi-tan

Jetter Mars with Melchi


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Dr. Yamanoue was working on a robot in secret to be Jetter Mars' little brother, however, Dr. Yamanoue suddenly disappeared. Dr. Kawashimo then finished work on Melchi and presented him to Mars as Mars' baby brother, who Mars then named Melchi.

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Melchi's theme:

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