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Conception and design

Miri's design is reminiscent of the Astro Boy character Uran and is likely to be a replacement for Uran in the Jetter Mars series, as the show was originally meant to be a color remake of Astro Boy. Though she is much more mature than Uran, Uran's immature and rowdy behavior still exists in the form of Jetter Mars, and Uran ends up having to be the mature one, much like the character Astro Boy.

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Miri was created by Dr. Kawashimo and was completed shortly before the activation of Jetter Mars. She is first introduced as Dr. Kawashimo's daughter but is soon revealed shortly before the ending of the first episode that she is a robot built by Dr. Kawashimo, and is, therefore, Jetter Mars' sister.

About the character

Miri (美理 Miri) is the half-sister of Jetter Mars (as she is a robot created by Dr. Kawashimo who created Mars' electronic brain). Miri is shown to be more mature and responsible. She has a huge respect for her creator to the point of accepting him as her father rather, than just the man who created her. Miri also has a special ability to weld metal, though she doesn't use this ability often.


Dr. Kawashimo had created her when he was still making Mars' electronic brain and by the time he delivered the electronic brain to Dr. Yamanoue, Miri was already fully operational. Mars later takes an interest in Miri and then decide to visit her more often, to the Dr. Yamanoue who is not quite in good terms with Dr. Kawashimo. Miri is rather compassionate and kind that she will always help those in need. She acts like an older sister for Mars and usually has to deal with his childish nature.

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  • The spelling of Miri's name in script is 美理. One of the meanings of 美 is beauty/beautiful and 理 can mean reason, logic, etc.
  • In other countries, Miri was renamed to Milly.
  • In Osamu Tezuka's 1979 anime "Marine Express", a character by the same name of "Miri" appears, though there is likely no relation, especially in appearance.
  • Miri's boots are supposed to be colored pink, but will sometimes be colored dark green instead.